Managing Director

Finance Manager & Beekeeper

Farm Manager

Livestock Manager

Communications & Marketing Manager

Solutions Engineer of Facilities & Administration

Product Development Manager

Culinary Manager

2020 Farm Apprentices

Farming is not a career that our society applauds with the big bucks or many Hollywood plots, so this new generation of young farmers deserves far more praise than can be invoked here.  But they are the future of how we eat.  And they are fighting hard to make us better, both our specific farm, and even more, our society, and its relationship to the production of food, and working the land.

Thank you, Farm Team.

2020 Culinary Program

A huge thanks to Beth and Chloe for bringing their creativity and focus to the team. Best of luck to Beth as she continues to get settled in the Hudson Valley and finds ways to connect folks with all of the great products of the area. Only the best well-wishes to Chloe as she travels to connect with family and collect their stories.