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Livestock Manager

Whitney has nurtured a lifelong love of animals, food, and the conservation of the natural world. She grew up working at the New England Aquarium, cleaning oiled penguins, training service dogs, and riding horses. In college she studied Wildlife Conservation, Environmental Policy, Nonprofit Administration, and Communications. After gaining a lot of valuable experience in the fields of hospitality, events and communications, she left her career as a Digital Marketing Consultant to pursue her developing interest in biodynamic farming and animal husbandry. She began a diversified, biodynamic livestock mentorship in 2021 and fell in love with farming. Whitney joined the team at Harlem Valley Homestead in 2023 where she is excited about combining her passions for animal care, education, hospitality, cooking, and conservation. Whitney plans to develop the livestock program to allow visitors to experience the lifestyle of farming, get to know their food and farmers, and learn to cook and eat with love for themselves, their food, and the planet. You can usually find Whitney out on pasture chatting to all the animals and on Saturdays you’ll find her at our stand at the Hastings Farmers Market talking cooking tips and recipe suggestions!


On a personal note:


My love language is nourishment, I provide my animals and loved ones with the best food and experiences in order to thrive, not just survive. I put my blood, sweat, tears, and love into the quality of our animal’s lives and that makes me want to do justice to the role they play in our little ecosystem by using every part of the animal. I love to cook with healthy animal fats, make nourishing broth with all the parts most people throw away, and take the time to learn how to create amazing dishes with what the farm provides each season. If I’m not tending to our next generation of animals, I’m usually in the kitchen, trying to feed our farmers, talking recipes with local chefs, or making dinner suggestions to our Farmer’s Market customers.

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