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Harlem Valley Homestead seeks to deepen our connections to place, to each other, and to ourselves by bringing people together on a beautiful working farm to share work, food, and learning. These interactions help us learn how to live a life connected with land, with each other, and with ourselves. They remind us that we are all a part of something bigger, and that we have a responsibility to treat the land, each other and ourselves with dignity and love.


We believe that cultivating our interdependence, our sense of commonality and shared belonging serves as a foundation for building a more resilient, resourceful way of being at home in the world.

We are designing our agricultural production to support our mission to connect guests with transformational experiences around living in connection with land. Guests will stay for multi-day workshops, participate in the work of the farm, share meals with ingredients grown here, and enjoy the spectacular beauty of the Harlem Valley. To support this vision we are in the process of creating sustainable facilities, including overnight accommodations, so that more people can come and experience this place more fully. 



We raise pastured laying hens, woodlot pigs, 100% grass fed beef cattle, vegetables, honeybees and cut flowers on 250 acres of diversified gardens, pastures and woodlots. We sell produce, flowers, meat, eggs and jam and honey through our farmstand, to local wholesale partners and year-round at the Hastings Farmers Market.


To learn more about our farming practices, click here.

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