Deepen our connections to place,

to each other, and to ourselves

through hands-on learning,

and experiences sharing work and food,

on a beautiful, diversified farm.


Harlem Valley Homestead will bring people together in the spirit of shared work, shared food and shared experiences. These interactions help us learn how to live a life connected with land, with each other, and with ourselves. They remind us that we are all a part of something bigger, and that we have a responsibility to treat the land, each other and ourselves with dignity and love.


We believe that cultivating our interdependence, our sense of commonality and shared belonging serves as a foundation for building a more resilient, resourceful way of being at home in the world.


Right now, we are a working farm. We are raising free range beef cattle, laying hens and pigs, cultivating produce, keeping bees for honey, and growing mushrooms. We sell our products at farmers markets and on the farm, and we’re hosting programs and events about food and farming.


But we have a vision for this farm that reaches beyond that.