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Market Lead

 As market lead Sarah shares her passions for healthy food, environmental and agricultural ethics, and education with others. Sarah's whole life has been spent learning and teaching topics that inspire her. She began studying, and later teaching, earth, marine and animal sciences here and in the tropics. During college and graduate school her interests broadened to include religion, psychology and philosophy. Ultimately she specialized in the many intersections between science and religion. Her environmental ethics propelled her into small scale, sustainable agriculture seven years ago. 


On a personal note:

When not in the fields or at market, I will be found exploring our ecosystems, swimming, gossiping about the wildlife with Sierra, foraging wild foods and medicines, and making up ridiculous nicknames for Eric. 

Uncovering the vast web of connections within the land base that sustains us fills me with wonder and awe. I am so grateful to be grounded here in the fertile Harlem Valley.

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