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Product Development Manager

As the Product Development Manager, Diane’s focus is on how guests experience the Homestead through engagement with objects and materials. 

Her approach to developing products is grounded in the offerings of the land and driven by the ethos what we need is here. Diane draws from the unfolding story of a person’s relationship with the Homestead, and how that story continues when their visit with us concludes. This informs products that serve as touchstones for the more ephemeral qualities of learning, working and connecting with each other, whether that be through a cooking workshop or a walk through the woods.

Diane comes to Harlem Valley Homestead with a varied background in the arts and design, ranging from organic cut flower farming at Four Season Farm to non-profit arts management. She holds an MFA in Applied Craft and Design and enjoys applying design thinking to problem solving around transforming raw materials into value added products. 

One a personal note:

I am passionate about meals that tell stories and connect people to place, wandering travel, slowing down, and natural dyeing with plant material. I am most connected through connecting with people over shared, tangible experiences, whether that be a meal or a walk through the woods. 

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