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Operations Assistant

Shaylyn Decker is the Operations Assistant at Harlem Valley Homestead. Drawing from years of farming, retail management, hospitality, and non-profit administration she helps support the current operations and future development plans of HVH. She has worked for years at local farms, and toward forming community around growing, cooking, serving, selling, and preserving food.

After completing her degree in Environmental Policy, Shaylyn worked as a volunteer at a Camphill Community for AmeriCorps where she enrolled in a farming apprenticeship. Once settled in the Hudson Valley she focused on building relationships with producers and farmers and worked at various types of farms, restaurants, production facilities and eventually managing a farm store. In 2018 Shaylyn opened and managed the Taste NY Market for the Capital Region Welcome Center by Cornell Cooperative Extension. She is excited to be back on a farm and looks forward to helping grow and learn with the team.

On a personal note:

I’ve enjoyed slowing down these last few years and have begun focusing on stewarding my 5 acres of land with my family. My time is spent primarily in the garden, our woods, or perfecting my sourdough bread recipe. I share my home with my husband and our daughter, our devious cats and loving dog.

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