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Our cows spend their lives outside, doing what cows do best.


They feast on fresh pasture during the summer and fermented hay in the winter. We practice rotational grazing, which improves pasture health through distribution of nutrients and prevents overgrazing. Grazing this way sequesters carbon, which improves soil health and the quality of our pastures.


Our cows live happy lives and it makes a difference— our pasture-raised beef is full of complex flavors and healthy fats.


We grow diverse crop varieties that are bred for taste, beauty and abundance.


We rotate our growing areas and use cover crops to build soil fertility. This helps manage weed, pest, and disease pressure naturally. We fertilize with organically approved soil amendments and fertility from our own animals. 


Our goal is to produce beautiful, delicious crops which are healthy for our customers, employees, soil and surrounding habitat.


Our pigs are raised in the woods, where they forage on roots, berries, nuts, greens and grubs. They help to remove invasive plants and thin the understory, laying the groundwork for converting some of our woodlot into silvopasture (a mix of trees and pasture).  Our pigs eat local non-gmo feed, grown with organic practices by farms that are transitioning to organic certification. They also eat a healthy helping of farm vegetable scraps and LOTS of acorns.  


Our chickens are raised on pasture, where they eat bugs, grasses and other foliage. We have a large variety of layer breeds, known for their forage capacity and cold-hardiness. Our chickens eat certified organic grain and farm vegetable scraps. 



Our honey is unpasteurized and unprocessed, straight from the hive. Full of rich flavor, sweetness, pollen and nutrients, you are getting a real taste of the land from our honeybees who forage in our ample pollinator habitat and cultivated crops. 

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