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Managing Director

Lynn Martin is the Managing Director at Harlem Valley Homestead. Born and raised in Wisconsin, farming is not unfamiliar to Lynn, and when she joined the team at Harlem Valley Homestead in 2018, it brought life full circle for her. Lynn brings a long and successful track record of expertise to human resources, finance, operations and business development. She has worked in a wide spectrum of industries with many years in hospitality where she managed popular resorts and hotels in the Rocky Mountains and on the California Coast.  


It’s not uncommon to see Lynn walking the grounds with her dog Nelly Blue, and she can occasionally be found assisting with wrangling the cows, helping with a sick chicken or even aiding the farm team in delivering a calf.


Lynn has served on multiple boards, and as a longtime conservationist she currently serves on the board of directors for The Oblong Land Conservancy and holds licenses with the state of New York for wildlife rehabilitation and falconry. 

On a Personal Note:  


Lynn lives on the Ten Mile River in Dover Plains, and spending afternoons along the river while sharing time with good friends and her  two dogs is a favorite summer pastime. Because the farm is also on the Ten Mile River, she jokes that having been a commuter to New York City for so many years, she can now take an inner tube or kayak to work, though she jokes that it may take awhile! Lynn is also a wine making hobbyist, loves working in her own garden, and raises her own flock of chickens. 

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