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Farm Manager

Eric oversees all farming operations for Harlem Valley Homestead. He has been farming for ten years in New York, Oregon, Virginia, Italy and Maine, where he managed Four Season Farm for Eliot Coleman and Barbara Damrosch. He specializes in small scale, intensive organic vegetable production, but has also raised many other annual and perennial crops, as well as cows, pigs, chickens, ducks and dairy goats. A graduate of Middlebury College in Vermont, he was born and raised in Portland, OR, where he had a reputation for enjoying yard work. 

On a personal note:

When I'm not on the farm, I enjoy cooking, hiking, eating, skiing, and otherwise being outside with my wife, daughter and dog. Family, friends, farming and food connect me to place and purpose, and my favorite experience with land is a long hike or ski. In my kitchen, you will find a mountain of vegetables, two Griswold #8 fryer pans, and a poodle asking for chicken.

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