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Solutions Engineer of Facilities & Administration

Zach Kapple is the Solution Engineer at HVH, charged with the duty of applying practical know-how, detail-orientation and critical thinking to the needs of both administration & facilities. Education in its many forms brought Zach to HVH. He was fully apprenticed for eight years as a home improvement contractor, while completing a baccalaureate focused in relational & nonverbal communication. For two years, He ran his own contracting company, before deciding that permacultural life was the only life he would be truly happy with. Running a small arts & sciences collaborative solidified the concept that collaboration always supersedes competition. In the same way, Zach's time working with the Jane Goodall Institute via Roots & Shoots made it clear that the same co-beneficial relationships in nature can exist throughout society. Respectively, these resources led him to the mindful work of addressing problems as opportunities, and approaching solutions as a world of options.


On a personal note:

An avid meditator, and believer in loving-kindness as a daily, healing art. A practiced upright and electric bass player since childhood, with a passion for writing, playing, finding and sharing eclectic music. I am a keeper of trees, propagating my own mini forest of over one hundred fruiting and beneficial plants. I joyously recycle and reclaim a breadth of artifacts for upcycling and reuse, and I believe in permaculture as a long-term, mindful solution to today’s problems.

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