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Spring is Just Around the Corner! - Eric Harvey

Updated: Mar 29

The first garlic shoots are starting to emerge in the field, and we have started our first rounds of spring greens with arugula ready next week. We still have extra frost sweetened greens coming out of our greenhouses too. In just a few more weeks we will be turning up the heat in our greenhouse to ramp up our seedling propagation for spring planting. 

The cows are content in their wintering yard eating fresh baleage and dry hay. They were just given their winter vaccinations/boosters in anticipation of calving at the end of the month, and we are expecting 4-5 calves this spring. Our chickens are content in their wintering yard scratching through a bed of wood chips and veggie scraps, and have continued to lay eggs through the winter though we anticipate them to lay more eggs as the days get longer and warmer. Depending on the spring we will probably have our animals back on pasture at the end of April.


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