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Calf Names!

All nine of our calves were born healthy and happy.

  • Sweet William (Theme: Flowers) - Ruth's Baby, a classic British White bull calf, mostly white like a variation of his namesake flower, with the sweetest face, black ears, nose, and toes.

  • Maple (Theme: Trees) - Daisy's Baby, one of only two female (heifer) calves, she is the first black and white spotted calf born this year with a white skunk stripe and white belly. She also has little white half-moons under her eyes.

  • Betty (Theme: Names in Songs) - Roxanne's baby, our other heifer calf and gets her name from the version of the song Black Betty by Ram Jam, due to the rock & roll nature of her birth.

  • Barley (Theme: Fermentables) - Dahlia's baby boy and sister to Pino (Pinot Noir) who was born last year. Barley is naturally high-spirited, curious, and very social. He is yet another black-and-white spotty boy with a white skunk stripe but you will tell him apart because he is the life of the part amongst the calves and moms, always poaching milk from whoever has it and instigating zoomie time in the nursery.

  • Aries (Theme: Constellations) - Stella's first baby, another boy with the black and white coloration prominent this year, however, you can't miss this baby who has the shortest snout, you might think he was part pug. He is named for one of the smallest constellations that is also adjacent to Taurus (another one of our older cows).

  • Topi (Theme: Animals) - Doe's baby and our first Murray Grey calf. This baby boy was a skyscraper from day one with the longest legs and nose like a baby elk. The vote was a tight one but "Topi", a type of African Antelope, just edged out "Manny T".

  • Thumper (Theme: Disney Characters) - Frozen's baby boy was our second Murray Grey babe and was born with his mom's long, sticking-out ears. With those long legs he has been prancing around since he could stand and ended up with a very fitting name.

  • Zuke (Zucchini) (Theme: Vegetables) - Violet's first baby, and our last black and white spotted babe, this boy has a white skunk stripe like the others but his coloration and shape of his stripe almost perfectly match his mama.

  • Goose (Theme: Animals) - Camilla's baby boy has the patterning of the other stripped and spotted babes but his spots are chocolate brown, with dark brown legs turning to black feet and a white belly. He was born with a massive tongue stuck out of his mouth and a bit of an underbite which means the tip of his tongue is still often sticking out when he isn't paying attention. A silly goose indeed. 


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