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Monthly Meat Shares

A Once-Monthly Share of the Highest Quality Beef and Pork, Raised Locally & Regeneratively on our Farm in Wingdale, NY.

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About Our Meat


Our 100% grass-fed and finished cows are born and raised on our homestead’s pastures. We can even tell you exactly which cow your meat came from, what they spent their lives eating, and you can see our regenerative grazing practices in action on our Member-Exclusive mid-season farm tour day!


Our heritage breed pigs are organically fed, raised in our forest, and finished in the fall on acorns & nuts

What to Expect in a Share

1lb of ground beef every month

A rotating selection of bacon and breakfast and dinner sausages

1-2 Beef Steaks, Pork Chops, Ribs

A Roast, Stewing Meat, or Braising/Slow Cooking Cuts

Once in a while: broth-bones, lard, or other nose-to-tail cuts with accompanying recipes/instructions

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Sample Shares

Pick up at the Farm

Add produce, eggs, and value added product to your monthly meat share by shopping our online farmstand.

Pick up at Hastings

Find us at the outdoor Hastings Farmers Market on Saturdays. Pre-order via email and our farmers will add to your meat share pick up.

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