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Livestock Lead

As Livestock Lead, Sierra handles the daily ins and outs of all things animals on the farm. This includes everything from planning grazing rotations to pulling calves out of tired heifers to mucking chicken coops to being chased by hungry pigs. Her approach to raising livestock is one of mutual respect and intimate relationships; one where animal and caretaker give and take to create balance ultimately creating life tenfold on the land. She started farming after COVID-19 and personal burnout closed the doors to a prospective career as a violinist. Art had always been her lens for seeing the world, but addressing the loss of biodiversity on our planet is the vocation she's now chasing. She is specifically excited about the process of selectively breeding our cattle to find a mix that is best adapted to our land, climate, and farm goals. 


A couple fun facts:


After college I did research with a herpetologist where I became famous for being her first and only student to ever catch two mating lizards in one hand. I grew up riding horses, but not like normal - for 3 years I rode standing on the backs of two horses while going over jumps. I love birding, hot yoga, seeing operas at the MET, eating really expensive meals and successfully backing up the livestock trailer. See you in the pastures!

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