& Farm Tour

A pastoral culinary experience—

from the fields to your plate

Join us for a leisurely daytime meal, outdoors in the fresh air, accompanied by an engaging tour of our picturesque farm.

Bookings available April through November.


“We invite you for a farm-to-table escape—a private dining experience overlooking our pastures and orchard, partnered with a guided tour of Harlem Valley Homestead. With our guide, you will explore the local ecology and landscapes of our working farm, pick herbs and produce from our gardens, and maybe help the farm team with the day’s task, before returning to the farm house for a delicious nourishing meal.

We’re offering a day to restore, and connect to the land.”

~Alicia Walter, Chef and Culinary Educator at Harlem Valley Homestead

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Culinary Style

We grow vegetables, mushrooms, flowers, honey, and pastured pork, beef and lamb.  What we cook is inspired by what we grow. Our farm kitchen creates thoughtful menus inspired by the very best of what is growing now, and by the work of our farmers, who understand the essence of every ingredient on your plate. Our culinary team will share how each ingredient arrived at your table, and what inspired each dish.

Farm Tour

Join our farm team on a walking tour of our farm. Discuss the history of the land we occupy and how we consider the environment and ecology in our farm practices. Encounter the different animals on the farm—chickens, pigs, cows, honey bees and all the wild animals. If the opportunity arises, you may have a chance to take part in farm chores, such as egg collection, moving cows to fresh pasture, or feeding the pigs treats from the kitchen. And we will take a stroll through our market garden to discover all of the flowers, herbs, and vegetables in season—grabbing a taste, here and there, along the way. Note: Special accommodations can be made for more universal access.

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Farm Lunch


Leisurely family-style dining

surrounded by pastures and wooded hills

6-person minimum


& Farm Tour

Choose from our two dining options.

Bookings available April through November.

The Homestead Spread


This is our farm-y take on High Tea—delicious bites, snacks and appetizers served with foraged and farm-grown herbal tea.

6-person minimum

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