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A First-Year Reflection: A Farmer’s Gratitude - January 16, 2024

Updated: Jan 16

I write with the first snow of the winter; frozen crops covered by white, animals pastured for winter, and the essence of time has slowed with the winter’s frost. The farm rests and slumbers, while the farmers plan for the season to come, but the quiet of winter calls for a reflection on the long days of summer's past. The warmth of the sun brings new life to be nurtured, fills the farm with buzzing energy, and brings much to do. As it was my first season farming, I learned countless skills and valuable information, but the greatest takeaway I have received from my time thus far here at HVH is, that farming has a profound impact upon connectivity. As the summer pushed on, I felt myself began to feel more in tune with myself, where I was, who I was with, and what I wanted than ever before. It became so much more than just planting seeds every day, cultivating plants, and getting a job done. It became about planting seeds of empowerment and acceptance within my mind, body, and spirit, cultivating meaningful relationships with the people around me and the food I eat; as well as, facing and making peace with the cycles of nature in numerous ways. As a result, in some ways, I have never worked harder. But I can confidently say, I have never felt such a greater sense of peace and belonging. HVH is a special place with a very special team of crew and others that made that all possible for me. I feel extremely lucky to get to work alongside a gentle, caring, and committed community of farmers as we all work together to bring good and healthy foods to other people. They all have impacted my life in a way I am most grateful for. The summer happened so fast but now as the snow falls and things have slowed down, I dream of what fun we'll have this summer to come and what great accomplishments we will achieve. I can almost feel the sun on my face and the dirt on my hands. 


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