Livestock Manager

Britta is the Livestock Manager at Harlem Valley Homestead. She joined the project as a farm apprentice in 2017 after graduating from New York University with a degree in Global Liberal Studies. She joked that she was "running away to a farm" but the decision came as no surprise to anyone who knew her. She has always been passionate about food and the systems that surround it — farming provided the opportunity to transform book knowledge into tactile skills and muscle memory. She took a sabbatical from the farm in 2019 when she received  the Fulbright / Casten Family Foundation award to attend the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Italy. Since her return, Britta spends the bulk of her days spoiling the animals, managing rotational grazing plans, and walking our pastures and woodlots. If you are having trouble finding her, just look for the cows. 


On a Personal Note:


One of my favorite experiences with land is being still in the middle of a summer pasture. As you calm down and settle in, the silence crescendos into a nearly deafening cacophony of buzzing, chirping, trilling, and cawing from the many creatures both hidden in the grass and circling above it.