Outreach & Education Manager

Alanna develops and runs all educational and outreach programming for Harlem Valley Homestead, and facilitates the building of community partnerships and programs. 

After years in classical fine arts and education, Alanna eventually shifted her attention towards working with land through farming, gourmet mushroom cultivation and wild food studies. She has taught numerous classes at and talks for conferences, groups and individuals focused on reestablishing our direct connection with the natural world. Her belief in the power of forming a personal relationship to nature is the foundation for her education and community building initiatives. Alanna works directly with local non profits, community service organizations, school systems and local stakeholders to support conservation, economic development and local food  based initiatives.


Outside of her role in programs & community Alanna’s focus includes mushroom foraging and identification, wild foods & herbal medicine, ecology, natural history, mindfulness and the body/mind relationship. 


On a Personal Note:


One of my favorite aspects of connecting to land is the call to slow down and open the senses. A practice that helps me slow down is to walk in the woods with bare feet. Once my pace has slowed, a whole new landscape can reveal itself. One summer during a slow walk I stumbled across a dragonfly molting - I caught it just at the moment it was breaking through the old shell. The fresh body, color of sun bleached straw, hung with damp wings like two piles of wrinkled bed sheets. The very next day, the whole sky sparked with freshly hatched dragonflies. It was a wonderful lesson to me how so many subtle miracles of nature are happening moment to moment, if only we stopped to look.

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