May 28th - November 5th

Farm Pickup

Fridays, 4 pm - 7 pm

Saturdays, 12 pm - 4 pm
147 Old Forge Road, Wingdale, NY 12594

Hastings Farmers Market Pickup

Saturdays, 8:30 am - 1 pm
Located at the commuter parking lot across from the Hastings-on-Hudson Metro-North station

What is a CSA?

"As a member of a CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture), you are investing in a percentage of the farm’s production for the season, in the form of a weekly produce box. Each week, for twenty-four weeks, you will receive your share of what the farm grows—fresh high-quality produce at a discounted price. By signing-up in advance, you will increase the farm’s financial stability and ability to grow and distribute produce more efficiently.

Joining our CSA isn’t just about buying produce. It’s about sharing the experience of growing food. When you sign up for our CSA, you are joining our farm for the season and participating in the  movement to support local farms. We send out weekly newsletters with real-time harvest reports and recipe ideas for your produce. We will share anecdotes from the field, and insights into our farm practices. Hopefully, you will learn more about agriculture along the way."


Together, we are building a resilient local food system, in a time when we all need resiliency." 

~Eric, your Farm Manager

Our Farm Practices

We grow diverse non-gmo vegetable crop varieties that are bred for taste, beauty and abundance. We adhere to organic practices and principles, though have chosen to not pursue federal certification.


We rotate our growing areas and use cover crops to build soil fertility. This helps manage weed, pest, and disease pressure naturally. We fertilize with organically approved soil amendments, compost, and fertility from our own animals. 


Our goal is to produce delicious crops which are healthy for our customers, community, employees, soil and surrounding habitat.

What do you get?

Each week, you’ll get a balance of salad greens, roots, a bunch of herbs, and seasonal produce, such as tomatoes and cucumbers in the summer, or squash and cauliflower in the fall. The boxes are comprised of the best of what we have coming out of the field. You will also receive a weekly email with what will likely be in the CSA share, to give you time to meal plan. 


Below are some of the crops we grow for the CSA:

Salad greens, head lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, carrots, radicchio, kale, spinach, herbs, garlic, broccoli, cauliflower, scallions, turnips, radishes, summer squash and winter squash.


The share boxes have an average value of at least 15% off the total retail price of the items.

We offer two size options.

Small Share

$15 / week, 24 weeks

For individuals and couples who eat a moderate amount of vegetables, we recommend a small share. Our small box averages about five items.

small share_summer_2020.jpg

Large Share

$25 / week, 24 weeks

For families, we recommend a large share. And for households that cook regularly and eat a plant-centric diet, we recommend two large shares. Our large box averages about eight items.


Add-on Packages

In addition to produce, you can sign up to add other items from the farm to your weekly pickup for the 24-week season.


1/2 lb bag, $7 / week, ($8 value)


Pasture-raised Eggs

1 dozen, $7 / week, ($8 value)



Once the season starts, share boxes can be picked up at the farm on Fridays after 4 pm,  Saturdays after 12 pm, or at the Hastings Farmers Markets on Saturdays. Your CSA share will come in reusable and recyclable cardboard boxes.


All farm staff are trained in food safety practices to help prevent foodborne illness and reduce risk and exposure to the coronavirus.


If you are unable to pick up your share, we encourage you to have a friend pick it up or let us know in advance that you want us to donate it to a local family or one of our partner non-profits.


This season we are offering two payment options: payment in-full at sign-up, or 50%-down, with the balance due mid-way through the season. As a thank you, customers who purchase a CSA share receive a discount code, which gives them 10%-off all Farm Stand and farmers market purchases throughout the CSA season.

If price is a boundary to purchase, please contact us at for our Neighbors Helping Neighbors equity pricing program.


May 28th - November 5th

Each week, for twenty-four weeks, you will receive your share of what the farm grows—fresh high-quality produce, at a discounted price.


"This is the first year I joined your CSA and love it! i really enjoyed experiencing the farmer's choice... i'm 100% satisfied, love coming to the farm to pick up and will join again next year."

~ 2020 Farm CSA Subscriber


 "Again, I can only say—so glad that you exist! We will continue to be customers and buy your products, as well as other items you carry in the farm store. Very, very happy to have you in the extended neighborhood as a source for healthy and delicious food."

~ 2020 Farm CSA Subscriber


"I love the newsletter. I learn something new from it every week. And I religiously save Alicia's recipes, starting with that delicious zucchini caponata."

~ 2020 Farm CSA Subscriber